How do I take a Group Exercise Class at the YMCA?

With dozens of classes--aqua, cardio, cycling, dance, mind-body and strength, you're bound to find one you love and that keeps you coming back! Please note that reservations are required.

  • What kinds of group exercise classes are available?
    YGBW offers dozens of classes in the following categories: aqua, cardio, cycling, dance, mind-body and strength. You can find your Zen in Yoga or Tai Chi, get your groove on in Zumba, pedal for power in cycling, swim your way to strength, get pumped in BodyPUMP and much more! 

  • How do I know when classes are offered?
    Our group exercise schedule is available on our website, as well as in the YGBW app.

  • Can I go to any group exercise class?
    YGBW Members* can attend any group exercise class they would like to so long as they reserve their space in advance. Additionally, if you are new to group exercise, you may want to attend one of our Intro classes. These are beginner-style classes where we focus on form and safety in a judgment-free zone.  Classes are open to all fitness levels and class registration is required.

  • What if I have never taken a group exercise class before?
    No problem! You may want to consider our Intro classes such as Intro to Yoga, Intro to Cycling, Intro to BODYPUMP and more. These classes are offered throughout the year. To find these classes, download the YGBW app and look for the blue bubble toward the bottom of the screen. Lightly touch the blue bubble and swipe left to see all featured classes. Any upcoming Intro classes will be posted there. To register for a class, simply tap the class and then the "reserve" button to the right of the listing when it appears.

  • Do I have to make a reservation to attend group exercise classes?
    Yes, reservations are required for all group exercise classes and open 48 hours prior to each scheduled class. There are two easy ways to register:
    • YGBW website - While viewing the schedule on the YGBW website, click the blue reserve button next to the class. You will be prompted to log into your YGBW account if not already logged in. If you register for a class and are not able to attend, be sure to cancel your reservation.
    • YGBW app:
        • Select View Schedules toward the middle of the screen.
        • At the top right, select your preferred branch location or all locations to view classes across all of our branches.
        • Select the date you want to take a class. Select the class titles to learn more about the class and what to expect.
        • Once you’ve found a class, click the Reserve button.
        • If you register for a class and are not able to attend, please cancel your reservation so others can fill the spot.

If you need assistance or have any trouble registering for a class, please visit or call the Member Services Desk at your YGBW branch for assistance.

  • Can I take classes at any branch?
    As a YGBW member, you can take classes at any branch.* Note that group exercise classes are not offered at our Oscar Lasko YMCA, as our virtual studio is housed there. 

  • Where do I go for group exercise classes?
    Our classes are held in several different locations throughout each branch. The name of the room where the class is being held is posted on our schedules. When you arrive at the branch, be sure to scan your member tag at the member services desk. If you're unsure where a class is located, ask any staff member to point you in the right direction. We'll be happy to help.

  • Are classes available online?
    Yes, as a YGBW Member, you have access to our virtual YMCA, which offers live and on-demand exercise classes taught by YGBW instructors. Workout from the comfort of your home 24/7! Some members also enjoy trying out a class online before taking one in a branch.

  • What equipment do I need to bring?
    • We recommend bringing a towel and water bottle to all group exercise classes.
    • All equipment needed for classes is provided with the exception of yoga mats. To create the healthiest environment possible, members who want to use a mat (especially for yoga classes) should bring their own.
    • Bikes used in our cycling class are equipped with shoe cages so regular sneakers are fine. Members who prefer to use cycling shoes (shoes that clip into the bike pedals) may bring their own to use. 

  • Are there classes for different levels?
    Our classes are suitable for all fitness levels. You'll be able to modify the exercises done throughout class should you want them to be easier or harder. If you're new to a class, arrive a few minutes early to talk with the instructor, who will be happy to help you get started, as well as providing insight on how you can modify exercises to fit your fitness level. Finally, be sure to listen to your body and take breaks when you need them.

  • What other tips do you have?
    • Finding the right group exercise class can take time. You'll find each instructor has their own style of teaching and some will resonate with you more than others. Be sure to try different classes and different instructors to find the right fit. Group exercise classes are a great way to stay motivated. Finding the right class and the right instructor makes all the difference. You have access to unlimited group exercise classes as a YGBW member so try them all out!
    • If a class involves weights, opt for lighter weights to start and progress up once you have a good sense of your ability.
    • Don't overdo it. You'll find all fitness levels in our classes -- go at your own pace and do what feels right for your body. No one is expecting you to be a star athlete! The goal is to have fun and get in a good workout for your body. 
  • Can my children go to a group exercise class?
    Many YGBW classes allow children who are eight or older to attend when accompanied by a parent/guardian. These classes will say "Family Friendly" on our schedule.

  • Is there a place to store my personal belongings during a group exercise class?
    Yes, lockers are available in all of our branches. Some require you to bring your own lock, while others have programmable keypads. See what your branch offers.

*Does not apply to OLY-Only Memberships.