When can members use indoor tracks at the YMCA?

Our indoor tracks provide the perfect place for you to get your steps in -- whether you want to run or walk.

  • Where are the indoor tracks?
    Indoor tracks are available at our Jennersville, Kennett, Oscar Lasko and West Chester Area YMCA branches.

  • When can I use the indoor tracks?
    Unless otherwise noted, our indoor tracks are open for you to use anytime the YGBW branch is open.

  • Where can I store my personal belongings while on the track?
    Lockers are available in all of our branches. Some require you to bring your own lock, while others have programmable keypads. See what your branch offers.

  • What policies and procedures do I need to be aware of when using the Y's indoor tracks?
    • Walkers are to use the inside lane of the track, while runners and joggers are to use the outside lane.
    • No sports equipment or strollers are permitted on the track, except for times designated by YMCA staff.
    • No food is allowed. Drinks must have lids. Water bottles are allowed.
    • Please adhere to any additional policies posted at the entrance to each track.