How do I pay for my YGBW Membership?

YGBW recommends members keep a bank, debit or credit card on file to ensure their membership is paid on time.

  • When am I charged for my membership fee?
    If you have a monthly membership your membership fee is billed monthly. If you have an annual membership, you are charged in full for your membership for the year at the time of purchase.
  • How do I pay for my membership?
    • Monthly Membership - If you have a month-to-month membership, your membership fee is automatically charged each month on the date you joined. To ensure your monthly membership is kept up to date, YGBW recommends you keep a bank, debit or credit card on file to be charged automatically each month.
    • Annual Membership - When purchasing an annual membership, you will pay for the year ahead in full. As your expiration date approaches, renew your membership by visiting or calling the member services desk at your YGBW branch. 
  • How do I update my payment information?
    You can provide payment information at the time you begin your membership. You can also update it at any time by visiting the member services desk at your YGBW branch or through your account online. Once logged in to your account, follow these steps to update your payment information online:
      • Under the Payment and Order Management section:
        • Select Saved Credit Cards/Electronic Checks on file to add a new payment method or, 

        • Select Change Auto-Charge Payments to connect the new payment method to your membership. 

  • What if payment is late?
    If your membership payment is more than 30 days late, your membership is at risk of being cancelled. Should your membership be cancelled and you want to rejoin the Y at a later date, you will need to pay any applicable joiner fees, as well as any outstanding balances on your account.