Can YGBW members bring guests to the YMCA?

YGBW Members can bring guests following the guidelines below. Note that the guest policy is different for indoor and outdoor facilities.

Indoor Facility Guest Policy

  • What is the Indoor Facility Guest Policy?
    • The following membership package types are eligible to bring guests to the indoor facility:
      • Young Adult Membership
      • Adult Membership
      • Two person Membership
      • Senior Membership
      • Senior Two Person Membership
      • Family Membership
      • Family Three Adult Membership
      • Military Outreach Initiative Memberships
      • Silver Sneakers, Silver & Fit, Renew Active Memberships
    • Each membership unit (not individual member) receives three complimentary guest passes per calendar year. Each pass can be used for up to four guests as long as they visit at the same time.
    • After using their complimentary guest passes, members may purchase additional guest passes (children two and under are free) for those over the ages of two at a cost of $15 per person per visit.

    • An individual is permitted to visit the Y three times as a guest (whether they come with a member or purchase a day pass on their own) before needing to obtain their own YGBW membership to access the facility.
    • Indoor facility guest passes may not be used for the outdoor pool, nor may outdoor pool guest passes be used for the indoor facility.
    • Child Watch, Y/Kids Zone and Group Exercise classes are available to guests so long as space permits. Check with the member services desk upon check-in for availability.
    • All guests aged 18+ must have show photo ID. Additional restrictions may apply. 
    • Please note the following for those under 18:
Use of Indoor Guest Passes Involving Minors
Member Age Guest Age Who signs in the guest? Who needs to stay with guest and host member?
18+ Under 18 The adult member The adult member
0-17 Under 18 An adult at least 18 years of age on the same membership as host minor member N/A
0-17 18+ Young Adult N/A

Outdoor Pool and Waterpark Guest Policy

  • What is the Outdoor Pool Guest Policy?
    • Day passes (meaning passes for those who are not members of the YMCA of Greater Brandywine) are not available for any YGBW pool during the 2023 season.
    • Guest passes (members who bring a guest with them) are not available for the Upper Main Line YMCA's 50M pool due to limited space.
    • Guest passes are available for YGBW Members to bring guests to the following so long as space permits:
      • Upper Main Line YMCA Borst Pool and West Chester Area YMCA Waterpark: $25 per guest per day for those over two years of age. Please note that guests are not permitted in the 50M pool at the Upper Main Line YMCA due to limited space.
      • Brandywine and Jennersville YMCAs: $10 per guest per day for those over two years of age.